Here are some questions that I frequently answer. Other questions and answers can be found on my curious cat account (you can also ask me questions anonymously there)


Do you provide "car calls"

No. I do not enter any vehicle for work purposes. This will NEVER be available. Outcalls mean I go to someone's hotel or residence based on my decision. All information requested must be provided before I get ready for the appointment.

How can I guarantee to book an appointment with you? I've seen you post stuff on twitter.

It's honestly very easy to book an appointment with me. I provide my hours of availability, location and weekly schedule on my calendar, in two (2) locations in case you miss the first one, on my homepage. I provide my rates on my services page, and will politely state "no" if I don't provide that service/option.

I won't however, tolerate any threats. I will NEVER provide my exact location without a confirmed appointment. I do not care if this makes someone uncomfortable and they will "refuse" to book an appointment. I will be fine without seeing them.

I do NOT tolerate anyone trying to negotiate. No one should ever negotiate with anyone who owns a small business, this is common decency. My rates are clear and obvious on an easy to use website, and they haven't changed in 3 years.

I do NOT tolerate any demanding behavior, I make my rules, they are not up for any negotiations. And no, money isn't money. If you cannot afford my rate, simply move on or save up.

Do you "party"?

No. I do not partake in any intoxicants with anyone that I don't personally know. This will not change.

Do you dance?

No. I do not dance, nor strip. I have extremely poor balance and it's only getting worst. I will not do anything that will potentially hurt myself. This is not up for discussion, no amount of money will change my mind.

Do you see groups?

No. I do not provide group options. I only see 1 client at a time. I also do not provide any bachelor party options for any service, including "hanging out".

I do provide duos, please contact the provider you are looking to book with and if they are willing, they will contact me and we can make arrangements. Alternatively, if you are a former client of mine, I will do the same and contact the provider you are wanting a duo with.

Do you make exceptions for the "restrictions" in your services page?

No. I don't make exceptions, my restrictions are there for a reason. I am not comfortable doing those services/activities thus I have added them to my restriction section. No amount of money or "I'm clean" or "I'm good looking" etc. will change my mind. Any attempt will however, cancel any appointment already made.

Do you send pictures (as proof of who you are)?

No, I never send nor receive any pictures. There are dozens (if not over a hundred) free pictures of me available with a simple google search.

All uncensored pictures can be found on my manyvids account here

I also never ask for any pics. I do not care what anyone looks like. It will not make me want to book an appointment more nor less.

*** Sending a picture of your genitals will 100% result in no appointment and no further contact***

Do you allow filming or taking pictures during an appointment?

No, I have never, and will not allow any recordings during an appointment. I DO NOT CONSENT.

It is illegal to record someone (whether a sex worker or not) during any intimate encounter without their consent. (The actual Canadian law)

If it is found to have occurred, I will file charges and any "discretion" will no longer apply.


How old are you?

I'm 29 years old. (this age never changes, you do the math).

How tall are you?

I'm currently 3"7 in height, but I keep shrinking. I never reached the 4 feet mark.

Do you travel to the United States of America?

No, I never travel to the U.S. for any reason. I will not change this.

Do you provide the "Fly me to you service"?

No, I used to tour around eastern/southern Ontario, Canada. I will be expanding my touring to other areas as I see fit. I do not provide and will not provide any "Fly me to you" options.

Do you do any camming? What website do you use?

No, I tried camming and it is not for me. My manyvids website is available 24/7 which has a video clip store, uncensored pictures, custom content and items for purchase.

Do you send pictures to people when they ask?

No, I never send any pictures to anyone. All my censored pictures are easily searchable with a simple google search. I post daily on Twitter and this website has dozens of pictures as well. Uncensored pictures can be purchased on my manyvids account here.

How do you decide when/where you will be working? AKA "Come to my city"?

I choose the city in which I tour based on my market research. It has no bearing on how many people flood me with "Come to my city, I will 100% see you".

The amount of people that actually book an appointment and show up are never correlated to the amount of random messages and inquiries I receive to visit a particular city.

How long have you been doing this?

I have been in the sex work industry for over 10 years, only recently have I chosen to dedicate it as a full time job. Anyone can, again, easily google my name and find information on me dating back to 2007. If I can find the info so can others.